Birth Positions:

The kneeling and hands-and-knees birth positions are quite similar, but I have given them separate pages. Make sure you read about giving birth on your hands-and-knees so you know what choices you have! As you know, it’s always good to know your options, especially when it comes to birth positions. Even the process of changing positions can aid labor in that it can make labour faster and help the baby move down the birth canal, and thus increase your chances of having a natural birth.

Birth position: Kneeling


Resting on the shins with the body upright. Very similar to all-fours and often used in conjunction with the all-fours position.


  • If in hospital you can kneel on the bed and place your forearms on the head of the bed which has been raised to an appropriate height.
  • Swaying, rocking, circling the hips or tilting the pelvis in this position can also help relieve pain and guide the baby into a better position.
  • Make sure you are on a comfortable surface.
  • Kneeling with one knee up can help the baby move into a better position.
  • This could be difficult if you have an epidural, although it has been done.


  • Leaning forward in this position helps to relieve back labour.
  • Allows access for counter pressure, massage and heat packs if necessary.
  • Less pressure on the perineum means fewer tears.


  • None that I can find.

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