My Pregnancy Diary Week 13

So we've reached week 13 of my pregnancy diary and littlest weighs about 20g and is almost 7.5cm long, which is a touch bigger than one of those standard issue erasers you get at school. Like this one:

Standard Issue Eraser Standard Issue Eraser

What did happen this week is that I started showing all of a sudden! It's like my belly just popped out and non-ballet dancers can now see that I am indeed pregnant. So my wardrobe is getting somewhat more restricted by the week, but we've been here before so we should be fine for a while longer at least. On that note, I've been wondering if you get maternity skinny jeans or if I should buy a pair and convert them myself.

...the bump that you see isn't actually the baby...

What I find really interesting is that at the moment, the bump that you see isn't actually the baby. The top of my uterus is in line with my hip bones, so when people touch my 'bump' now, they're actually touching intestines (and various other organs). I won't tell if you won't...

Not much to report for this week, other than some preliminary preparation for our home birth plans. My mom is super keen to be there, and I'm really looking forward to having her there! My mom-in-law has already been recruited to help look after the toddler, and to make some special gluten-free cheese and broccoli pie. I always felt the hospital portions were too small and I was quite hungry, and we had made this pie for me to eat at my mom-in-law's birthday do, except that I gave birth on my mom-in-law's birthday so she brought it for me to eat in hospital, so I think it will forever remind me of that day!

Woolies food vouchers will also suffice!

Although I couldn't sleep a wink, one thing I did enjoy about having a hospital birth last time was that I did not have to cook, so I've decided that whenever people say that I must just let them know if they can help with anything, I'll pull out my diary and ask if they're happy to do lunch on day 2. Woolies food vouchers will also suffice! I'm the kind of person that I only offer to help if I really can and will help, so I tend to hold others to the same standard. Does that seem a bit presumptuous? I hope not! I'm assuming that everyone who offers really does want to help, but just isn't sure what is needed.

One hurdle we are facing is that even though my hospital plan will pay for the home birth (if they know what's good for them) I'll still need to pay the midwife in cash, and then claim back from them. I'm thinking that might be our biggest hurdle to a home birth right now, although I'll discuss payment options with her when I see her in 2 weeks time. Hopefully we can make a plan!

Anyway, look out for Week 14 of my pregnancy diary.

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