Pregnancy Diary: Week 19

I have been really encouraged about this pregnancy diary over the past couple of weeks. I was starting to think people might be getting a bit bored of my musings and ramblings, but apparently at least three people that I know of enjoy reading my updates, and I enjoy writing them, so on we go!

This week baba is apparently 13-15cm long (crown to rump) and weighs about 200g, big enough to see movement from the outside! Apparently this is the stage where baby is most active as there is still a little space. I don't remember space being an issue for the firstborn though. She squirmed and wiggled and contorted anyway.

We're close to halfway, although it irks me to say that...

We're close to halfway, although it irks me to say that, because really we should think of pregnancy as 42 weeks, then we won't get so stressed when we are 'overdue', even though most first time moms go over 40 weeks in any case. In fact, one study found that the average gestation for first time moms is 41 weeks (1).

I was thinking about the toddler's sleep habits this morning. After waking a couple of times a night for a rather long time (about 2 years), the toddler has settled into being a reasonably good sleeper, without tears or trauma, something I'm quite pleased about. I've always thought that sleep time should be a happy time, and training to sleep with tears just didn't seem like a very happy time to me. No judgment, I just sometimes wonder if having negative associations with bed time as a baby or toddler can cause sleep issues in adults, even if they don't consciously remember it...

...I really respect their advice over the advice of someone with no kids, no names mentioned.

Speaking of avoiding trauma and negative associations, I was at mom's group this week and mentioned that the next book on my 'to get' list was The Discipline Book by Dr William Sears and his wife, Martha Sears. I think I have mentioned them before as the couple with 8 kids and how I really respect their advice over the advice of someone with no kids, no names mentioned. And, I have been really keen to get a discipline book written by a couple whose parenting principles really resonate with mine.

Anyway, when I mentioned I was keen to get the book, a like-minded mommy smiled and mentioned that she had ordered a copy and the bookshop had sent her two by mistake. She phoned to tell them about it and they said to keep the second copy. So she gave it to me, and I look forward to lending it to as many people as will read it! I'm still busy reading it, but I'll put up a review pretty soon.

...we are keen to find out the gender of the baby, purely for practical reasons...

So we may being going for our 20 week scan next week, or the week after, which I'm quite looking forward to. As I mentioned before, we are keen to find out the gender of the baby, purely for practical reasons. We'd like to be able to decide on a name, we both like to be able to say 'he' or 'she' rather than 'it' or 'the baby' and we have a truckload of girls' clothes so if people ask us if we need anything, which they usually do, we'd like to be able to say, 'Clothes please!' (*pleading face*) or 'No clothes, thank you!' (*Classic horror movie face*). If littlest doesn't want to have a big reveal next week, hubby is still keen to have a peek later on, even though we are trying to avoid scans as such. We'll cross that one when we get to it, but we'll be sure to keep all our pregnancy diary reads duly updated!

With considering gender, I've been thinking a lot about the decision to circumcise or not. I did some research on it a while back, but I'm hoping to do some this week, so that the decision is made before we find out. I'll let you know what I find! That's what this pregnancy diary is for I suppose - documenting how I make the choices I do!

Things I'm looking at in next week's pregnancy diary (Week 20):

  • To snip or not to snip
  • Our list of needful things – very different from the first time around!
  • Toddler discipline
  • The usual various other baby-related bits and bobs
  • More belly pics


1. Mittendorf, R., et al. (1990). The length of uncomplicated human gestation. Obstetric Gynecology 75(6): 929-932. Link. Back.

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