My Pregnancy Diary - Week 5

So, this is week 5 of my pregnancy diary. Well, it's 5 of the pregnancy, but only week 1 of the diary, but I'm sure you get what I mean!

Was I this nauseous with my first? I think I was more nauseous last time, but that doesn't make this time any easier... especially not with an almost two year old to look after. Last time it was the nausea that got me, this time it's the tiredness! But I have a policy of appreciating all these pregnancy gripes. I can't say that I enjoy them, but I try to appreciate them because I know of too many women who would give all they have and some who have nearly given all they have, to get pregnant.

Also, I know that all of these discomforts are positive signs - the nausea means hCG levels are up, the tiredness reminds me that growing a baby is hard work, the clicking joints means that the hormone relaxin (your best friend in childbirth!) is doing its thing, and that one time I had shimmering zigzags in my peripheral vision last week (like an aura migraine) is also just my body's response to increasing hormone levels in my body. (Vision disturbance in late pregnancy would be cause for concern though...)

After having two miscarriages a couple of months ago, and another one before our first one was born, all before 6 weeks, I'm almost grateful for the nausea. It's weird, I know, but I find it almost reassuring... that's the incorrigible Pollyanna in me right there. A friend of mine's mom asked her to ask me if I was going to see someone about my being prone to miscarriage, but in true Pollyanna fashion, I don't see myself as being prone to miscarriage.

I think it's primarily because when my hubby and I were 'contraceiving' (contracepting?) we used the sympto-thermal method, which helps a lot when you actually want to get pregnant because you know exactly what to expect from your body and it helps you to know when something is different!

All of my miscarriages were at or before 6 weeks, two of them were before 5 weeks even, so where someone else might just have a late period and put it down to stress or tiredness, from various signs my body was giving me I knew that I was pregnant before my cycle should have started, tested early and got positive results. Menstruation started a couple of days or a week later, no D & C necessary, just like a regular period to the outside observer.

I know other friends who have waited until 6 weeks before even testing, but I'm generally far too impatient for that. This time I actually tested the day before I was due to start menstruating, because I was already pretty convinced, and I was right! The last week or so has been a bit tense, even though I am doing my best to stay relaxed - stress ain't gonna help no one! So hopefully we'll make it to the 6 week milestone.

Normally I start telling people as soon as I get a positive test, but I must admit it gets a bit tiring to have to tell all the people you just told you that you were pregnant that you aren't anymore, so this time we're telling close family and friends, but waiting until 6 weeks to make it Facebook public.

We made it! Week 6 of my pregnancy diary is now up. Take a look!

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