My Pregnancy Diary - Week 6

So now the baby is apparently 2-5mm long, too cute! And I'm quite enjoying writing my pregnancy diary...

So we've started telling people now that we're pregnant, although some of the younger girls that I dance with apparently noticed a little tummy already and were suspecting... Of course when they say that my vanity protests, 'I can't be showing already!' but I suppose when you're prancing around in a leotard, any lumps and bumps are easily noticed, especially by teenage girls.

Something I never thought I would do, just because it hadn't really occurred to me and I somehow doubted I'd be able to breastfeed for as long as I have, is tandem nursing, which basically means breastfeeding while pregnant, and then possibly even breastfeeding a toddler and a baby at once. I know some doctors recommend that you wean your first child when you get pregnant with a second, for various reasons, while some children wean themselves because the milk starts tasting different.

Moms feed two babies regularly, it's called twins!

Having done the research, there is no reason to believe that the first will take nutrients from the second. Moms feed two babies regularly, it's called twins! My toddler obviously isn't getting all her nutrition from me, and I am eating healthily and taking food state vitamins and calcium magnesium supplements and generally looking after myself. Apparently tandem nursing can actually help tame sibling rivalry in that the older doesn't feel as though her (mine is a she) place has been completely usurped by the newcomer. So I'm taking a wait and see attitude. If she weans herself, fine, if she doesn't, fine, the informed choice has been made!

... 'due date' is not equivalent to 'expiry date'...

Of course, one of the first questions people ask when you tell them you're expecting is generally, 'So when are you due?' I know, I ask exactly the same question! So even though I have the 'due date' and I know that 'due date' is not equivalent to 'expiry date', not everyone feels the same way, so I'm telling people the baby is due in July, sometime, when he or she is ready. It's like setting your clock ahead, you know you set it ahead, but somehow it helps you to keep time better. Not having an exact due date in my head means I can't get stressed when I go past it.

Like I mentioned before, I think part of the problem with maternity and baby care is too much emphasis on fitting in to what is considered normal or average - like those horrid growth charts they give you when you take your baby to be weighed. Just like some babies are bigger and some are smaller, so some babies just need a little extra time.

Fortunately I'm craving vegetables, but I find that in the afternoon I need carbs and I need salt. Not sure if that's baby or a carb addiction, but I try to get healthy carbs in (as far as that is possible on a wheat-free diet) and see how it goes. One thing I'm also finding is that what was detestable yesterday is a craving today, and the veg I bought stacks of yesterday because it was the only thing that didn't make me nauseous, is gag inducing today. I can't keep up!

As soon as I feel reasonably able to eat, I eat until I'm full, because as soon as I'm hungry I feel nauseous again. Fortunately I'm not experiencing any heartburn yet, otherwise I'm not sure what I would do! I know people recommend ginger for nausea, and that really helped last time, but this time the smell of ginger makes me gag... can't win!

Still going strong! Week 7 of my pregnancy diary is here.

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