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You'll see from my pregnancy diary and from the rest of the pages on this site that I love asking, 'Why?' So when I thought I might like to include a pregnancy diary on the site, I had to ask myself, 'Why I would want to share the intimate details of my life with strangers?' But isn't that a symptom of our age? With things like blogging, Facebook, Twitter and the like, it's become normal for us to share these things. And I've never been a particularly private person anyway. I have nothing to hide, and perhaps my experience could encourage some other ladies who are, or may one day be in the same situations.

I think a big factor was that I wanted someplace to direct people to when I'm faced with the usual tirade of questions, like, When are you due? Are you going to find out if it's a boy or girl? Have you thought of any names? I can send people here and they can have all their questions answered. :-)

I don't believe that everyone should make the same choices I do, but do I believe that people should make informed choices...

What I don't mean to do here is set myself as an example. I don't believe that everyone should make the same choices I do, but I believe that people should make informed choices, and this diary is merely my record of that journey of making informed choices, many of which I didn't really know enough to make first time around.

You'll see that I have arranged the diary on a week by week basis. I might add posts in between if something particularly newsworthy happens, and please forgive me if I skip a week or two due to the hectic nature of life, or on the other hand, complete lack of anything to report! there is no such thing as 2 weeks pregnant.

I know it may seem strange but pregnancy is actually calculated from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP), so there is no such thing as 2 weeks pregnant. You are usually fertile around two weeks after the first day of you LMP. If intercourse happens around the time the egg may be fertilized pretty soon after, so when your next period would be due it is only about 1-2 weeks after conception, although if you get a positive pregnancy test you would be considered to be 4 weeks pregnant. This confuses me slightly, because we are told that pregnancy is 40 weeks (10 months, not 9 months), but really when you get to 40 weeks, the baby is only 38 weeks old, so I'm not sure what bearing this has on what we would normally consider to be overdue. Being the chronic researcher that I am, I'll check up on that and let you know! I don't get too stressed if baby decides to arrive an hour or two after his or her expiration date, I mean, due date.

In general I'm a bit wary of due dates. I think so much stress of pregnancy has to do with fitting in with average even though there is often a very wide range of normal so I'm trying to be deliberately vague about due dates and stuff, for myself, so I don't get too stressed if baby decides to arrive an hour or two after his or her expiration date, I mean, due date. So when I say week 5, think of it more as week 5-ish. Happy reading!

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  • Our Home Water-Birth Story - TMI-version here or non-TMI version here
  • Well, it seems like week 38 was the last week of our pregnancy diary! Apparently all that prodromal labour was heading somewhere and our little girl was born the Saturday night. Look out for our baby diary!

  • Week 38
  • Our rollercoaster week of on-again-off-again prelabour symptoms, also known as prodromal labour. Much fun!

  • Week 37
  • Pics from our pregnancy photo shoot, our idyllic weekend, some funny stories, some quotes, and thoughts on the question: 'How will they cut your tummy at home?'

  • Week 36
  • Quite a jam packed one this time! Nine months pregnant, surprises, road trips, TV appearances, fashion dilemmas, my borderline OCD tendencies, preparations, some bad news, some peace despite bad news.

  • Week 35
  • Choosing names, dealing with winter, appointment with our backup doctor and some other bits of news...

  • Week 34
  • A bonus belly pic, various bits of preparation, raspberry leaf tea, something seriously cute and something really exciting!

  • Week 33
  • Belly Pic! An appointment with the midwife, our open letter to those joining us for our birth-day, and some thoughts on bellies and baby positions.

  • Week 32
  • On funny slogans for baby vests, people commenting on our plans to have a home birth, general moodiness, feedback from the birth workshop, and a revelation on becoming a midwife.

  • Week 31
  • On wonky backs and heavy lifting and being productive. Also some ideas on booking a bed and looking on the bright side. Oh, and a super cool birth quote with perfect matching image!

  • Week 30
  • 30 Weeks! Good news all around, from big feet, choosing names, and toddler teeth to birth jewellery, midwifery studies and sunrise weddings. What a week!

  • Week 29
  • On stretch marks, doctor's appointments, birth support, sleep issues and hand-knitted baby clothes...

  • Week 28
  • On rollercoasters and Sumo Wrestling...

  • Week 27
  • In which I complain about the weather (Shock! Horror!), give an update on progress with the medical aid, have a brainwave and get broody.

  • Week 26
  • Updates on baby's acrobatics, the toddler's potty training, innies and outies, and cute kids in general.

  • Week 25
  • In which I have another visit with the midwife, lock horns with our medical aid, consider the merits of various bathing and birthing arrangements, give an update on the hubby's job situation and finally get some sewing done.

  • Week 24
  • In which I consider who I'd like to have at the birth, who can actually be there, and who even wants to be there! And who will take photos? Also, find out where the word 'gossip' comes from and how I know how baby is lying.

  • Week 23
  • On hold with the medical aid again, financial concerns when planning a homebirth and some introspection on how to not make a nuisance of myself.

  • Week 22
  • Thoughts on tandem nursing, gowing bellies, heartburn and masochistic tendencies.

  • Week 21
  • Hamburger or hotdog? (i.e. Boy or girl?), belly pics, backaches, and the addendum to my 'Stuff I think I need' list.

  • Week 20
  • Thoughts on circumcision, my 'Stuff I think I need' list, midwifery studies and thoughts on toddler discipline.

  • Week 19
  • Almost halfway-ish! Also look for more on toddler sleep and discipline, and some ideas about this cool book I've been reading, and our reasons for choosing to find out the gender of the baby.

  • Week 18
  • The toddler has her second birthday party, I see the baby kicking from the outside, and I finally get some cleavage! Also find out exactly when baby bumps become public domain...

  • Week 17
  • More movement! I get my list of homebirth supplies - chloroform, pliers etc. Also some thoughts on why I'd still choose to plan a homebirth, even if I transfer to hospital and/or end up having a c-section anyway. Oh, and I start aqua classes!

  • Week 16
  • I'm sure I felt movement! Isn't it a bit early though? I wear a maternity dress for the first time this pregnancy and I share some thoughts about having 2 children...

  • Week 15
  • Thoughts on the whole idea of a pregnancy diary. I discover my most favourite baby book, EVER! We take the toddler 'on safari' and we consider whether or not we should have her present at our home birth...

  • Week 14
  • Belly pics! I rant about posture in pregnancy, I get more energy and I mentioned why I don't generally like baby shops.

  • Week 13
  • I start showing and consider altering some skinny jeans. Some thoughts on planning a home birth and how our medical aid is going to deal with this...

  • Week 11 & 12
  • 11 and 12? In one week? How did that happen? My thoughts on gynaes (OB-GYNs) and GPs, my doctor's response to my plans to give birth at home, what I'm doing with my toddler to get her used to the idea of a sibling, and one or two other thoughts related to planning a home birth.

  • Week 9 & 10
  • Bits and bobs about carrying small, the toddler's attempts at ballet, thoughts on exercise in pregnancy, and some actual information about eating sushi in pregnancy. Also some thoughts on lightheadedness in pregnancy.

  • Week 8
  • The week in which I can't do up all the buttons on one of my shirts. I discuss why I'm keen to have a minimal number of scans this time. Also one or two thoughts on big babies.

  • Week 7
  • Musings on dealing with nausea, my answer to the question, 'What if something goes wrong?' The toddler gets hand, foot and mouth disease (no relation to foot and mouth) and I chat to the midwife.

  • Week 6
  • Thoughts on tandem nursing, expiration dates due dates, growth charts, cravings and aversions.

  • Week 5
  • In which my Pollyanna-ness is revealed, even though I have miscarried at this stage a couple of times before.

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