Pregnancy Diary: Week 24

Pregnancy Diary I must admit, when I first sat down to write this week's pregnancy diary, I thought I wouldn't have much to write. It has been one of those weeks. Lots of busy-ness, but also lots of same-old-same-old. Things are progressing well on the baby side of things – at 24 weeks of pregnancy, baby is 22 weeks old, 21cm long (crown-to-rump) and weighs about 540g. It's weird to think that some babies are born, and survive, at this age. Here's hoping for many more weeks before this one is born!

I really did try to organize things a little better this time.

I found out a couple of weeks ago my mom might not be here for the birth as she has to go to a trade fair in the States for business. Pesky trade fairs. If baby is on time or a couple of days early, we'll be good to go, but if baby is late, Nana will have to wait a couple of weeks to see her. I really did try to organize things a little better this time. Our firstborn was born in January, and Nana was away then too and only got to meet baba a couple of days after she was born, so I thought July might be better, but obviously not! Anyway, as much as I'd love to have her there, I've chosen not to be terribly stressed about it. I am a little bummed that I might not have a photographer for the birth now, because my mom is pretty good with a camera and I was hoping she would do the honours.

A Dutch birth-room, with a maid giving sweetmeats to gossips. (17th Century)
Courtesy Wellcome Library, London
Speaking of having people at the birth, I have been toying with the idea of inviting a bunch of ladies over when I go into labour. I think it's really unhelpful that most of our 'input' on birth is the Hollywood or 'Reality TV' version of birth, and we never get to witness another labour or birth until we experience our own. That makes childbirth into this huge scary unknown, rather than a normal bodily process. The word 'gossips' actually comes from the term 'God-sibs' or sisters-in-God, a term referring to female friends and relatives who would come over and help get the house ready for birth and stick around to help where they could.

They must just bring their own snacks, and not expect me to make them tea.

I'm not even sure if anyone wants to be there, but I think I'd actually love to have people around me when I'm in labour, and possibly for the birth as well. They must just bring their own snacks, and not expect me to make them tea. That being said, I'm not keen for a circus, so I'll warn them to be prepared to find something else to do if I decide I need to be alone. I'm not an exhibitionist by any means (at least I don't see myself that way), but I'm happy to be the guinea pig. And of course I'm really passionate about normalizing birth. So that's the plan for now...

(Possible TMI warning)

On the pregnancy side of things, I'm quite grateful that I haven't had any UTI's (urinary tract infections) or thrush so far in this pregnancy. I really struggled last time, but this time has been a breeze on that front! I'm putting it down to drinking lots of water (with a dash of lemon), a great multivitamin and regular pro-biotics.

(TMI warning over)

One thing I have noticed is that littlest seems to spend most of the time lying sideways, or mostly sideways with her head down-ish because I'm feeling all the kicks and punches right near my hip bones on either side. A week or so ago I would feel something on the right and then something on the left just after, as though baby was springing off the right side and bumping into the left side. Now that there's less space I generally feel both bumps at the same time.

I struggle to sit in any position where my legs come close to my belly...

What it does mean is that I struggle to sit in any position where my legs come close to my belly because the baby seems to feel the pressure and kicks back. She also doesn't seem to like the seatbelt when I'm driving, even though I've put it as low over my hips as I can. It's fun to have little behaviour patterns though – it's like there's this little personality coming through already...

...things do seem to be becoming a little more real

My last thought for today is also quite exciting, for me at least! Until now the only thing procured for the new baby was a pair of dungarees that Nana bought. But this week a friend of mine also offered to lend me her feeding pillow and donut (doughnut?) for the new baby, two of the things I do need! So yes, things do seem to be becoming a little more real.

And so the weeks march on... Look out for week 25 of my pregnancy diary soon!

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