? Pregnancy Diary, Week-by-Week: Week 29

Pregnancy Diary: Week 29

A jersey for the new baby
A cardigan for the bellybean.
It seems we have lots of news for our pregnancy diary this week! First of all, according to those who know these things, our belly-bean is now about 39cm long (including the legs) and weighs in at just over 1.1kg and mom seems to be feeling it! I'm sure I'm carrying somewhat bigger than I did last time.

I'm pretty convinced that I'm carrying generally lower too. I don't remember this much bladder abuse this early on, and I remember my exercise pants and undies fitting better too, even though I weigh about the same this time, if not slightly less. But, thanks to good genetics (apparently the strongest risk factor), no stretch marks yet! (Thanks mom!)

So, I mentioned I was going to be seeing the doctor this week. I have been alternating between the doctor and the midwife each month, and this was the last time I saw this doctor as I will be 36 weeks at my next doctor's appointment, the point at which I would be 'handed over' the doctor who will actually be our backup doctor for the homebirth.

In the interests of being civil, I won't say any more than that.

I think I did mention that the doctor I have been going to was not a big fan of home births. Despite my efforts, he still isn't. Although he did say some encouraging things about newly qualified obstetricians being wary of the use of oxytocic medication for induction, and agreed that the choice of birth positions in most hospitals is unhelpful (to say the least), on many other issues we agreed to disagree.

Some great news...

Some great news is that my mom will be around for the birth! I don't know if you remember that she was supposed to leave for a trade fair in the states a week before our estimated due date, and arrive back two weeks after. She was at a trade fair in the states when our first (her first grandchild) was born, so she felt there was no way she could miss this one, especially not with us planning a home birth.

So now we have our photographer as well! It helps that my folks live about 45 minutes away, and what is also great is that the toddler adores my dad (whom she calls bapa) and so my dad will probably (hopefully) be able to look after her while things are happening, which does give a bit more flexibility as to whether she will be around for the birth or not. Yay!

...as soon as the baby feels pressure on my belly, she kicks.

More sleep issues: I am still most comfortable sleeping on my back, but I'm trying to sleep more on my side. The problem is that I can't lean forward onto my belly because as soon as the baby feels pressure on my belly, she kicks. So I have to lie perfectly on my side which means that the upper leg has to cross right over my body to balance me and so my hips get stiff in my sleep because I keep forgetting to put the pillow between my knees, or it slips out.

So I'm getting better at remembering and putting the pillow back when I roll over without waking up, but I'm also finding that stretching in the morning helps a lot with the stiffness. Tailor sitting (upright with the soles of my feet together) and stretching my back and flexing my hip joints by pulling back from an all-fours kneeling position (I think it's a variation of the 'child-pose' in yoga) are very helpful.

I think the fact that we seem to be having afternoon thunderstorms which generally seem to happen on the afternoons that I have aqua also has something to do with that stiffness. The pool is heated and covered with sliding doors down the sides, so we can swim no matter what the weather, unless of course there's lightning. I must admit, I do wonder what would happen if you were struck by lightning while pregnant. I'm not to try it, but i wonder.

I'm thinking of starting a collection of quotes about birth and parenting and stuff, so here is my birth quote for the week:

Being pregnant and giving birth are like crossing a narrow bridge. People can accompany you to the bridge. They can greet you on the other side. But you walk that bridge alone. -African Proverb

So that's all for this week folks! Look out for Week 30 of our pregnancy diary (yes, the big 3-0) coming soon! (They say life begins at 30... we'll see!)

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