? Pregnancy Diary, Week-by-Week: Week 31

Pregnancy Diary: Week 31

Psalm 118:5
Psalm 118: 5 (see below)
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Phew! I actually get a chance to sit and type up my pregnancy diary while it's light outside! What a productive week this has been! We have had quite a few public holidays and even though the toddler's playgroup has been closed for the week, I seem to be getting better at doing things with the toddler around. Long may it last! Well, littlest is apparently getting bigger. Current estimates (based on the average baby) put weight at 1.5kg, and length at 41cm. That's almost the length of my forearm from my elbow to the tips of my fingers!

I mentioned that it had been a productive week. Our toddler currently sleeps on a mattress on the floor in our room, because her room has been used as storage while we did renovations on our house, and so we are in the process of sorting out and throwing away so that we can move her to her room as soon as possible, so that she doesn't feel usurped by the new addition.

When I roll from one side to the other it feels as though my whole sacral area rolls too ... kind of like a wooden puzzle that doesn't quite fit together.

So I managed to get quite a lot of sorting done this week, which motivated me to keep going! We put a whole lot of baby stuff upstairs, and admin stuff downstairs, and set up the bassinet and got other baby bits out of storage, so it's looking promising! With all that lifting, I am noticing that my lower back is feeling more unstable. When I'm lying in bed and I roll from one side to the other it feels as though my whole sacral area rolls too, instead of staying together as a unit - kind of like a wooden puzzle that doesn't quite fit together. It's quite an odd feeling, but strangely reassuring!

If you saw my house, you wouldn't think that I am a really organized perfectionist in my head.

If I have done too much heavy lifting, like when I'm out with the toddler, or if I lie or sit in an odd position for a while it does get a bit painful and I limp for a little bit, but it's not unmanageable. It's probably a good indication that I need to give myself a break! The cleaning and sorting doesn't seem to be too heavy - and I really enjoy getting it done! If you saw my house, you wouldn't think that I am a really organized perfectionist in my head. But isn't that true for many perfectionists?

So I'm off to see the midwife again next week for my 32 week appointment. Time does seem to be flying now, and I really am getting more and more of that rollercoaster sensation I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. We're also going to a natural birth workshop next weekend which I am super-excited about! Updates to follow of course!

That nesting instinct can get expensive!

I have to resist the urge to just go and buy everything I want/need/think I might use one day. That nesting instinct can get expensive! I'm biding my time until about 6 weeks before, and then I'll try to get an idea of what I need most and get that. Financial restraints are a factor of course, especially considering that one of my employers for whom I do contract work hasn't paid me for work I've been doing since February. Hopefully it will be resolved this week so that I can actually pay for this birth! I always try and look on the bright side with things like this and see it as forced saving, although this is a bit more extreme than usual, and they are earning interest off my money, and I am paying interest on debts incurred because they haven't paid me... Did I say I was choosing to look at the bright side? Ah yes, forced saving, lump sum, yes, that was it...

I'm also close to finishing the new car seat cover for the toddler's car seat, and finishing the toddler's quilt, and making myself a body pillow, and adjusting my clothes to fit my expanding belly, so that has also been another positive thing about this week!

In about 2 weeks' time I'll be supporting a friend of mine at her c-section, so I'm quite excited about being there for her. It will be my first time at someone else's birth, and my first 'doula' experience, so I'm hoping to get together with my doula friend to get some pointers.

I know how long it takes that bunch to answer the phone!

While we're on hospitals, I 'booked my bed' at the local hospital I would need to transfer to if extra assistance is needed. Some might see that as a 'lack of faith' or something, but with the way private hospitals work here in South Africa, they have to get authorization from your medical aid / hospital plan provider before they'll do anything. I don't want to have to pitch up in need of help and have to wait while they are on hold with my medical aid waiting to get authorization! I know how long it takes that bunch to answer the phone!

...should I pack a hospital bag as well?

That got me thinking, should I pack a hospital bag as well? I answered yes to that one too. Again, I don't want to be worrying about whether I packed a toothbrush or not, and I don't want to have to organize someone to fetch baby clothes and supplies from home in the event that I do need to transfer, so actually having a hospital bag and a baby bag packed would make me less stressed, and possibly more likely to have a successful home birth after all! Oh the irony...

As for my birth quote this week, this is one I've had for a while and one I think will also be of great use when I'm in labour! It comes from the book of Psalms in the Bible and in my little Gideon's New Testament (including Psalms and Proverbs) Psalm 118:5 reads: 'I called on the LORD in distress; the LORD answered me and set me in a broad place.' You might wonder how this pertains to labour and birth. Thankfully, the more literal translation makes it clearer:

From the narrow channel I called to God. God answered me with a vast expanse. (Psalm 118:5)
Don't you love it? Another translation (New King James I think) reads as follows:
Out of my straits I called upon the LORD; He answered me with great enlargement. (Psalm 118:5)
If you still haven't got it, go and ask your mom. Maybe I should type these up in a big font and have them laminated to stick around my house...

So, in week 32's pregnancy diary I get to update you on my appointment with the midwife, and the natural birth workshop, but beyond that we'll have to see what happens. Next week is looking to bit a bit of a shocker though, as I'll be right back in the deep end with lecturing 2 courses again, teaching ballet a couple of times a week and then some, and doing all the things I've had a break from in the last week or so. So hopefully I'll get around to writing my pregnancy diary in the midst of all the busy-ness!

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