Pregnancy Diary: Week 35

Bag of Sugar
Our baby weighs about this much...
Well, we have reached week 35 of our pregnancy diary - so that must be a good sign! Also promising is the fact that littlest is now at least 46cm tall (and still fits!) and weighs about 2.4kg - about the weight of a bag of sugar.

As much as I am looking forward to meeting our newest addition, I haven't really had that overwhelming desire to get this baby out that some people experience. Maybe it comes with being a second-time mom and realizing that it will all happen soon enough! Although I must admit, the other night I was lying in bed and littlest was doing some aerobics or gymnastics or something and I did have a moment of incredible broodiness and a thought of, 'Come now, little one, what's taking you so long?' But it was only a moment.

...we have a 'short' list of about 10.

We're still working on our names list - we have a 'short' list of about 10. I think that knowing our luck the doctor will have been wrong, a boy will pop out and we'll have to start the process from scratch. Poor child! Our criteria are simple, the name must:

  • Be old fashioned
  • Sound beautiful
  • Have a good meaning
  • Not be common or currently fashionable
  • Work reasonably well in English and Afrikaans
  • Have no funny initials or easily tease-able names
Simple! Although, one or more of these criteria can be overlooked for a name that just goes Kapow!

This week I had a great opportunity to ask my mom the story of my birth. I've heard snippets of it over the years, but it was really great to hear it all in one go! If your mom is still around I'd thoroughly recommend it!

...Braxton-Hicks contractions start getting stronger.

I suppose it is that stage of pregnancy where Braxton-Hicks contractions start getting stronger. I find that when I go from sitting to standing, or when I lift something slightly heavy, or if I go to the loo, my belly starts to twinge. So I've borrowed one of those little collapsible trolleys from my mom to drag my ballet teaching gear around instead of carrying it - what a difference!

Hubby has been very ill with 'flu this week, as in seriously man-down ill, so it's been quite intense. I realized I'm not cut out to be a single mom! I, on the other hand, just got a bit of a head cold, so I've been making friends with my saline solution!

Winter has arrived swiftly and in earnest in our little corner of the country and with 4 weeks to go, I'm not keen to go buying maternity wear, so I just wear lots of layers so that every part of the belly gets covered somehow, from the top or the bottom.

...I seem to have more energy than I did with my first...

One thing that has been great with this pregnancy is that I seem to have more energy than I did with my first, and more energy than I even had in my second trimester! First I thought it was that whole nesting instinct, but I don't think that is supposed to last the whole third trimester! It's great to get things done, but I really have to make a concerted effort to rest.

One word: perfunctory.

Oh, I did say I'd update you on the doctor's appointment. One word: perfunctory. More words: He seems nice, but obviously I'm hoping we won't need to phone him. The first thing he did was asked me to get up on the bed so we could check the baby's size via ultrasound. I politely declined, to which he replied that it was okay as long as I was willing to accept the consequences. I wanted to ask if he was willing to accept the consequences of doing the scan - my anxiety over some imagined 'big baby' and resultant complications due to that anxiety, possible dangers associated with frequent ultrasound scanning - but I didn't. I dunno if he was thinking of offering an internal but thought better of it when I refused the ultrasound. I think at this stage with my first I was already having internal exams at each appointment. At least the gynae didn't tell me I had to get completely changed into the gown for the internal like I've heard some gynaes do. Urgh. So unnecessary, and not happening this time around unless I ask, or unless really necessary during labour.

So, next week's pregnancy diary will have all the updates of week 36 - including my TV appearance and obviously some other bits and bobs... Until then!

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